CTEK’s new D250S Dual will charge your batteries while you drive

CTEK D250S Dual

Want to keep your car battery to last longer? Get a CTEK MXS 5.0 smart charger. That thing plugs straight into a wall outlet and keeps 12V batteries topped up in good condition. But if you need the same functions on the go, they now have the new D250 Dual DC-to-DC charger.

This is a must-have for those who go trailing off-road or camping outdoors, with vehicles equipped with a dual battery set-up.

CTEK D250S Dual

The CTEK D250S Dual charger hooks up to the starter battery, then uses the vehicle alternator to charge the service battery while driving. This device is a fully-automatic, 5-stage charger that supplies 20 amps to 12V batteries, with a battery separator. But notably, it can also draw power from solar panels (not included) whenever the vehicle is not running and comes equipped with a Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) so it can work as efficiently as possible.

This will then charge and maintain both the starter and service battery while you enjoy the great outdoors.

For faster charging, the CTEK D250S Dual charger comes with a battery temperature sensor. This enables it to increase voltage in cold weather to ensure the battery is fully charged, or drop voltage when its hot to avoid overcharging.

CTEK D250S Dual

Use it to keep camp lights on, the fridge cold, and just about any other appliance running without the hassle of having a flat battery ruin your trip. Fittingly, it’s splash-proof, dust-protected, and approved for outdoor use.

The CTEK D250S Dual ensures that your car’s batteries will always receive the optimal charging voltage, with reduced charge times, and have a long battery life. It is supplied with a 2 year guarantee and is available through CTEK – Philippines’ Facebook page or contact them direct at 0917-575-4812.

CTEK D250S Dual CTEK D250S Dual