HELLA Ph offers 3 essential car safety upgrades you can DIY


Apart from the likes of airbags, ABS, and EBD amongst other things, have you ever stopped to think that the headlights, windshield wipers, and horns on your car also happen to be safety features? They may not be as cutting edge, but they are and most often than not taken for granted or neglected. That’s what leading European auto parts manufacturer HELLA is trying to remind us, to either replace or upgrade, so we can all be safer drivers on the road.

Luckily for us motorists HELLA has high-quality, stylish, and cost-effective upgrade options for all 3. Best of all, they can be installed DIY in the garage, giving us something to tinker with on the weekend.


HELLA Performance Bulbs
It’s not hard to imagine how driving in the dark is nearly impossible without good, working headlights. Those stock 12V 55A halogen bulbs, however, might be insufficient to light up everything on the road and they do get dimmer over time. That’s why HELLA has its own line of Performance Bulbs that offer a wider field and longer range of clearer vision. So unless you already have HIDs or LEDs lights as standard, these are big improvements over stock bulbs and can be installed plug-and-play.

HELLA PowerBleu produces a xenon-like natural daylight output for higher contrast and better visibility. It also uses a UV-filtered quartz glass that reduces eye strain while temperature output ranges between 4400K and 5000K.

HELLA Platinum, on the other hand, offers 100% more light compared to a standard bulb thanks to its high performance power filament. This allows it to have a wider field and longer range of clearer vision.

Available bulb types for both HELLA PowerBleu and HELLA Platinum are H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, HB3, and HB4.


HELLA Wiper Blades
As they’re constantly exposed to the elements and get constant abuse as they slide up and down your windshield, wipers wear out and need to be replaced regularly. Also, no amount of glass cleaners or hydrophobic coatings can maintain a clear view of the road as well a fresh pair.

HELLA’s wide range of wipers all feature a nanotechnology graphite-coated rubber blade that ensures smooth quiet operation and a wear-resistant edge that extends the blade’s life between replacements. The design also applies an even downward pressure to deliver a clean wipe every single time.

It’s available in 3 versions. HELLA Wiper Blade is a conventional blade with a solid steel frame. HELLA Curvo meanwhile is flat blade that’s aerodynamical designed that houses the rubber blade in a seamless structure. HELLA Razor is a hybrid of the 2 that combines the structural features of a steel frame and the low profile design of a flat blade.

HELLA Wiper Blades all come with universal adaptors that can be easily attached to almost all vehicle models in Asia.


While some run loud aftermarket horns just to bully their way through traffic, HELLA points out that horns with optimal sound performance allows drivers to effectively alert nearby vehicles (or people) of their presence. This is particularly important when navigating through open roads or tight city streets.

HELLA offer horns with varying tones to suit different applications. Red or Royal Twin Tone trumpet horns produce a soft, mellow sound for the city, while the likes of the Sharp or Super Tone Horn give off a strong penetrating sound that’s better for long drives or adventures.

The installation process, however, requires a bit of experience and a lot of time. There are vehicles that need bumper disassembly, while some electrical know-how is recommended to install a pair of horns from HELLA with a relay harness. Better yet, you can just have a qualified mechanic do it for you.

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