Hubcentric rings & wheel spacers now available from Kone Sport Performance

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New from Kone Sport Performance are their line of Hubcentric Wheel Spacers and Hub Centering Rings. Made from durable forged aluminum, these parts ensure proper fitment of the wheels to the wheel hub. This eliminates high speed vibration and stud failure associated with aftermarket wheels and some universal spacers, while maintaining your vehicle’s desired stance.

Kone Sport Kone Sport

To fit a wide variety of vehicles and axle hub sizes, aftermarket wheel manufacturers tend to oversize the wheel’s center bore. The drawback of this design is wheels are not properly centered to the hub surface, resulting in high speed vibration issues. Kone Sport Performance’s own line of Hub Centering Rings mounts flush between the vehicle axle hub and wheel center bore to ensure a proper and aligned fitment of aftermarket wheels on your car.

Its forged aluminum construction allows for long life and sure fit even during high heat conditions and extreme duty applications.

Kone Sport Performance Hub Centering Rings starts at P1,800 for a set of 4 and is in stock for a majority of applications. Customized sets are also available on a by order basis.

Kone Sport Kone Sport

There’s a similar problem when it comes to wheel spacers. Used to increase track width either to improve vehicle handling or aesthetics, the universal nature of most types of wheel spacers do not ensure a proper fitment between the wheel and axle hub. This may result in high speed wheel vibration or in worse cases, wheel stud failure.

Kone Sport Performance’s line of Hubcentric Wheel Spacers ensures proper wheel-to-hub attachment. Each of their hubcentric wheel spacers are also designed to be an exact fit for a specific vehicle make / model. The spacers are of a forged aluminum construction while the studs are high tensile strength steel. These top-class materials ensure long life even when used in motorsports or off-road applications.

Kone Sport Performance Hubcentric Wheel Spacers starts at P5,000 per pair (or P10,000 for a set of 4), available in varying thickness to suit your desired look. Custom orders are also accepted.

For more inquiries, contact Kone Sport Performance at 02-998-1362, 0917-5185-628, or visit Kone Sport Performance on Facebook.