STI Wheel Simulator lets you check which rims look best on your Subaru


As far as modifications go, one of the first things that usually get an aftermarket swap are the wheels. Whether you opt to go bigger, wider, or something with a bit more style, it definitely makes a huge impact on how the car looks overall. But with so many options out there, where do you even begin? Well, you can start with STI.

The STI Wheel Simulator now makes it easier for Subaru owners to shop from their variety of aftermarket wheels be it for the latest WRX S4, BRZ, Levorg, Forester, or Impreza. It then allows you to toggle between different designs, colors, and sizes available from BBS or STI. Going into the tiniest details, the simulator even lets you virtually change the wheel nuts and valve cap sets. There’s also an option to change the car color and background scenery so you get a feel on how your choices will look on the road.

Note that each wheel, nut, and valve cap on the simulator is linked to corresponding pages on the STI Performance Parts website where you see the full specs of each item and prices.

Try out the STI Wheel Simulator for yourself by clicking the link.