Formula V1 & Phoenix Pulse take races online with new Virtual Cup

Formula V1 Virtual Cup

Since the Formula V1 Challenge is (most probably) not happening in 2020, series organizer Tuason Racing is doing the next best thing possible by taking their races online. What they came up with is the ‘Phoenix Pulse-Formula V1 Virtual Cup’ that’s set to get the green light in October.

This is a follow up to Tuason Racing’s virual motorsports program that began with the ultra-successful ‘Race for Frontliners’ way back in April. But on this occasion, they’re taking their sim races more seriously as they move away from GT Sport ‘game’. Instead, all races in the Formula V1 Virtual Cup will be hosted in the more eSports-acclaimed Assetto Corsa (available on PC).

Competitors may enter in either of the two (2) classes. The Promotional Class is exclusively for novice racers, with no/very little sim racing experience and not associated with any professional sim racing team. So, sandbaggers beware. Meanwhile, the Sporting Class is reserved for the professional eRacers who have previously competed in any sim racing event locally or abroad.

“We acknowledge how motorsports is changing and going out of the box. We are unboxing our Formula V1 series and providing 2 complementary career paths for all the racers out there,” said JP Tuason, CEO and founder of Tuason Racing.

Much like its real-world counterpart, the Phoenix Pulse-Formula V1 Virtual Cup has three (3) rounds scheduled in its 2020 calendar. Where the races will be held, how long will they be, and how many will there be in total, however, are still under wraps. But what we do know is that the season kicks off in October, giving everyone plenty of time to practice, and concludes in December.

Formula V1 Virtual Cup 2020 Race Calendar
Round 1 | October 10 (TBA)
Round 2 | November 14 (TBA)
Round 3 | December 12 (TBA)

Registration for the the Phoenix Pulse-Formula V1 Virtual Cup is open and can by accessed (along with the complete Guidelines & Mechanics) by clicking on this link:

To the children reading this, please note that there is a minimum driver age of 15 years. Sad to say, you’ll be missing out on some awesome prizes and a chance to be trained by Tuason Racing if you don’t make the cut.

The Phoenix Pulse-Formula V1 Virtual Cup 2020 is backed by LG Philippines, Family Mart, PC Express, Top Lift, Seven Garage, Ribbon Arc, Sim Racing PH, and Automobile Association Philippines, with media partners C! Magazine, Inquirer Mobility, Autocar Philippines, Wheels Philippines, Time Attack Manila, and AutoDeal.