Go off-roading with this 1/10 scale Toyota FJ Cruiser RC from Tamiya

Tamiya FJ Cruiser

Toyota built the FJ Cruiser as a homage to the 40 Series Land Cruiser, which was considered as the best alternative to a Land Rover in its heyday. Sadly, no matter how capable the new FJ may be, people who buy them are no longer interested in using them on the rough stuff.

We, however, are hoping that this RC from Tamiya will let them experience the joys that comes with off-roading even in 1/10 scale.

The renowned Japanese toymaker faithfully reproduced the FJ Cruiser on a polycarbonate shell, complete with headlights, side mirrors, and windscreen wipers. It even has a spare tire at the back just like the real thing, plus you can paint the body to whatever color you want or match the real FJ Cruiser that sits inside your garage. Also do notice the pretty 6-spoke bead lock style rims and mud terrain tires.

It rides on the CC-01 Cross Country chassis that features 4WD, independent front suspension, solid 4-link suspension at the back, and oil-filled dampers. The rear differential is also lockable, which should help it crawl over rocks, sidewalks, pillows, pets… You get the idea.

Tamiya FJ Cruiser

To complete the 1/10 scale RC kit, you’ll need a (1) 2-channel radio; (2) 7.2v battery and charger; (3) polycarbonate paint; (4) tools; and (5) basic building skills.

If you’re prefer the original 40 Series Land Cruiser more, Tamiya also offers the CC-01 chassis with that body.

Want one? Philippine residents can visit Tamiya’s official distributor Lil’s Hobby Center or dealers Hobbes & Landes and Blade Auto Center.

[Photos courtesy of Tamiya, Inc.]

Tamiya FJ Cruiser