Sony to shut down Gran Turismo 6’s online mode after March 2018

Gran Turismo 6

C’mon, are you still really holding onto Gran Turimo 6 on your PS3? That sucks because by the 31st of January 2018, Sony will take down all downloadable in-game content from the PlayStation store. They’ll then shut down the online services on the 28th of March, which is their subtle way of telling you that it’s about damn time to upgrade to a PlayStation 4 and buy Gran Turismo Sport.

“We would like to thank the many users of the Gran Turismo 6 online service since its first launch in 2013. From here on, we will continue to further improve the online services for the currently available title ‘Gran Turismo Sport’,” the company said in a statement.

Sadly, the ‘GT6 Track Path Editor’ is also part of the chopping block. You’ll longer be able to transfer track data from the app onto Gran Turismo 6 after March 28.

However, this doesn’t mean you can longer play Gran Turismo 6 after the cutoff. Only its online sections such the Community, Open Lobby, Quick Match, and Seasonal Events will be turned off. All offline modes of the game should still be accessible.

As for your GT Store credits, Sony is reminding everyone to install or redeem them before the online services end. It can be accessed in-game by going to [My Home] > [GT Store] > [Purchased Content].

Good bye Gran Turismo 6. It was a fun 4 years with you.