There’s now an RC version of the 2019 Mazda 3 Sportback from Tamiya

Tamiya Mazda 3

Just as the all-new Mazda 3 begins to hit local showrooms nationwide, Tamiya has also released their own RC version of Mazda’s latest compact car. Specifically, they’ve opted to recreate the 5-door Sportback faithfully in 1/10 scale (instead of the 4-door Sedan) so you can drive it around the driveway before the real deal arrives.

However, do note that this RC model is an assembly kit, which means you’ll need a proper set of tools and a couple of hours to put it together. But as any hobbyist should know, the built process is also part of the fun.

The scaled-down Mazda 3 Sportback body is made out of clear polycarbonate with all of the brand’s fancy ‘KODO’ design language moulded in. What this means is you can paint it in whatever shade (or livery) you want. But you could always spray it in the same colors as the brochure be it Soul Red or Machine Gray.

While the front grille and markers are all made from stickers as one would expect, honestly it’s a bit disappointing that Tamiya didn’t include light buckets for the head lights and tail lights. So yes, those are stickers as well.

On a plus side, the gun metal 10-spoke wheels that come with the kit may be off-the-shelf Tamiya parts, but they do closely mimic the 18 in. alloys on the actual 2019-spec Mazda 3.

Tamiya Mazda 3 Tamiya Mazda 3 Tamiya Mazda 3

Item No. 58671 sits atop a TT-02 chassis and features a shaft-driven 4WD. What makes it unique though is that its lower deck is moulded in bright red as opposed to the standard black found in other TT-02 kits. The 540 size motor and ESC are included in the set, so you’ll just need a 2-channel radio, 7.2v battery and charger, polycarbonate paint, and tools to put it together.

Want one? Philippine residents can look up Tamiya’s official distributor Lil’s Hobby Center. There’s also an RC version of the Mazda 2 Hatchback and Mazda MX-5 ND if you want to complete the set.

[Photos courtesy of Tamiya, Inc.]

Tamiya Mazda 3 Tamiya Mazda 3 Tamiya Mazda 3 Tamiya Mazda 3