Ford’s survey show 30% of Filipinos see commuting as ‘worst part of the day’

Ford Commute Infographic

Those not part of the 1% knows exactly how bad it is to commute in the Philippines. We’re not just talking about those who take public transport, but everyone who travel from point A to B. Ford Motor Company commissioned a survey that confirms exactly what Filipinos go through on a daily basis.

Data is based on feedback from 1,052 of our countrymen and the results paint a really dim picture. It deals with the Filipino’s outlook on commuting, perception whether commuting has changed since last year, the contributing factors how it got worse, and why it’s so damn expensive.

But instead of publishing a poorly-put together press release, we at Time Attack Manila decided to put together this infographic that shows why exactly it sucks to commute in the Philippines.

Ford Commute Infographic

While we all wait for the next president to fix our transportation woes, Ford has already begun thinking of a solution. What they came up with is something they call “Ford Smart Mobility.”

“As the Philippine economy continues to thrive and the people remain to be one of the world’s most confident consumers, challenges like these are bound to happen,” said Joseph Ayllon, Assistant Vice President for Communications at Ford Philippines. “Ford recognizes these issues and we are doing what we can to address them through ways that are not only convenient, but also smart.”

What it does is utilize Ford’s knowledge in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, and customer experience to develop new vehicle technologies. Some of its products are now found in Ford models worldwide such as SYNC, Adaptive Cruise Control, Active Park Assist, Lane-Departure Warning and Lane-Keeping Aid, and Blind Spot Information System.

Although these won’t fix our problems overnight, it can and will slowly help ease traffic congestion in the not-so-distant future. Hopefully Ford’s innovations will also find their into other modes of transport.