Honda Collection Hall now on Google Street View

Honda Collection Hall now on Google Street View

Following in Lamborghini’s footsteps, Honda has now opened the doors of their heritage museum to online visitors. Honda Collection Hall is situated on the grounds of Twin Ring Motegi race track in Japan. But now, anyone can take a tour for free with Google Street View.

Opened in 1998, the 3-storey facility houses over 300 of Honda’s historic motorcycles and cars, including machines used for competition. Noteworthy machines we found included the S800 sports car, NSX, JTCC Mugen Accord, and Ayrton Senna’s Honda-powered McLaren MP4/7 from the 1992 Formula 1 season. It even has a dedicated area that looks back throughout the development history of their humanoid robot, Asimo.

All 3 floors of the Honda Collection Hall can be viewed with Google Street View by simply toggling through the floors with icons on the left hand nav bar. Pretty much every square inch is covered, including the library and gift shop on the ground level.

As a rough guide, the second floor houses all of the important road going models, while the third floor showcases Honda’s historic racing cars and bikes. The 2- and 4-wheeled machinery, however, are separated into the buildings two wings. That means you’ll have to find the actual walkway in Streetview and cross to the other side.

This is definitely a ‘must-see’ for all Honda addicts.

Begin your virtual tour of the Honda Collection Hall below or hit the link (for mobile):