Microtex explains which Microfiber Cloth is best for car detailing

MTX Cloth Guide

By now, anyone into car detailing swears by microfiber towels, whether it would be for drying, cleaning, or buffing. This is because of its fine structure that makes it a great absorbent and pick up dust without scratching paint. But did you know that not all microfiber towels are the same?

The car care experts from Microtex Philippines (MTX) explains that all microfiber cloths are made from a blend of polyester and polyamide. Each strand is 100x finer than human hair, 40x than wool, 30x than cotton, and 10x than silk. The difference of each towel comes down to grade, fiber density, and weave, which affects its durability, application, and price.

That’s why MTX has 8 Ultimate Cleaning Cloths, each designed for a specific application. They’re also color-coded for quick identification and so that you don’t them up.

1DRYING: MTX Chamois

MTX Cloth Guide

Unique to other microfiber cloths, MTX Chamois fibers are non-woven. This allows it to absorb liquids up to 7x of its own weight making it the best cloth for drying. Unlike conventional synthetic chamois towels, it also doesn’t trap abrasive dirt that can’t be washed out and doesn’t harden when dry.


MTX Cloth Guide

If you want to dry your car faster, there’s the MTX Elite. It has a waffle weave design that increases absorbing ability and pick up dirt that would otherwise scratch paint. And with a huge surface area of 5 sq. feet, it can dry a full sized vehicle in one pass.


MTX Cloth Guide

With its velvety smooth texture, MTX Suede is ideal for polishing glass which includes windshields, windows, and mirrors. It can remove oil, fingerprints, and dirt without leaving streaks or lint.


MTX Cloth Guide

MTX Ultra is an all-around surface cleaner. It has a micro-structure and is excellent in removing dust, dirt, or grime. Used either damp or dry, it’s great for cleaning the dashboard, headliner, interior panels, and seats. Or use it to apply MTX Sunshield to keep the interior looking new.


MTX Cloth Guide

Its fluffy medium pile fiber strands make MTX Terry a great all-purpose towel. Use it for cleaning, buffing, drying, or anything you can think of. Bring it with you at all times so you can do quick clean ups anytime, anywhere.


MTX Cloth Guide

Wax on, wax off. MTX Plush has fluffy and soft high pile fibers that makes it ideal for removing polishes and waxes. This ensures that it won’t scratch the paint when buffing. On the flip side, it can also be used for cleaning or washing your car.


MTX Cloth Guide

Even softer is the MTX Ultra Plush with 200,000 fibers per sq. inch. Like MTX Plush, it’s also excellent for buffing and waxing except this one is made for more meticulous detailers who wants the best microfiber towel in the market.


MTX Cloth Guide

Made for the most critical car enthusiast, MTX Supreme is a double-sided towel so that each side can be used for a specific application. It has an extra thick pile and can be used for waterless washes, quick detailing, and buffing.

MTX products are available at select Blade Auto Center, True Value, Handyman, DIY Hardware, ACE Hardware, and other hardware stores/supermarket outlets nationwide. For more info, visit the Microtex Philippines page on Facebook.