Chris Harris hoons a 458 Speciale vs a 991 GT3 on track

Chris Harris hoons a 458 Speciale vs a 991 GT3 on track

If you like watching car videos on YouTube like us, you’ve probably heard of Chris Harris. This so-called ‘auto journalist’ could be the luckiest man alive, because unlike us in the industry, he gets to hoon the fastest (super)cars in the world. And now, he’s back.

In case you didn’t get the note, @harrismonkey left /DRIVE a few months ago when the much-loved YouTube channel decided that they could no longer afford to post their shows online for free. And like most people, we weren’t willing to pay $3.99/month just to watch a “show” online. To make matters worse, the subscription service wasn’t available in the Philippines.

That pretty much ended our relationship with Chris Harris and his tire-burning exploits, leaving us very sad indeed.

But we have some good news. The Monkey is back with his own YouTube channel, which is a spinoff from his /DRIVE segment, and it’s free to watch once more. This is Chris Harris on Cars and its first victims are the Ferrari 458 Speciale and the Porsche 991 GT3.

Although there are some continuity issues (with Harris’ black and green t-shirts) and some repetitive clips, all we care about is that he’s back at what he does best.

It’s Italy vs Germany around the Angelsey Circuit in Wales. See who wins.