Ford gets Dragon Ball Z to star in their crazy car adverts

Ford Dragon Ball Z

We got a few laughs (and some head scratches) out of Ford’s newest car advert – the one that had Sailor Moon gush over a Ford Fusion. It was a great gag, trolling everyone in the interwebs into believing that one of the world’s biggest automakers would do such a silly thing… or so we thought.

To prove that it wasn’t just an accidental YouTube upload, the Ford Motor Company did it again. Twice.

The latest commercials to come out of Dearborn, Michigan features the cast of Dragon Ball Z with the original English voice actors reprising their roles. One of the ads has Goten and Trunks fuse not to form Gotenks, but rather into a Ford Fusion. Fuse… info a Ford Fusion. Get it?

We’re just not sure how a midsize sedan is supposed to be “built like a true warrior.” Piccolo, Master Roshi, and Videl must all be high AF.

Then there’s Krillin and Gohan. These 2 dimwits summoned up the wish-granting dragon Prunga only to wish for 3 cars with 3 different features. Little did they know that all these come standard in the Ford Focus and Prunga grants the ultimate wish.