How Nissan’s new campaign will help save a cat’s life

Nissan Knock Knock Cats

On a normal day, car manufacturers are preoccupied designing vehicles that improve passenger safety. Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. of Japan, however, is also concerned about the furry felines that take shelter under engine compartments, especially during cold winter nights.

This is what the “Knock Knock Cats” project wants to fix as demonstrated by the video below.

Translated from Japanese, it says:

“Cats are cute but can be a bit clumsy.

They love keeping themselves warm.

They even sneak under car hoods during cold of winter.

So knock on a car hood before driving.”

As we all know, stray cats hide under cars, wheel wells, or engine bays for comfort where its warm and toasty. Unfortunately for them, we only find out when it’s too late. A cat may have 9 lives, but it stands no chance against a big rumbling engine or a tire.

What Nissan wants is for people to whack on their hoods before starting their car and going out for a drive. It may be a rude way of waking them up, but at least it this gives any feline visitors enough time to get out of the way.

While this campaign is intended for Japan, where there are tons of strays and cats are treated like gods, we bet it’s a pretty common problem everywhere else. So please, help save a cat’s life by knocking.