Mark Higgins’ full 17 min 35.139 sec record-breaking Isle of Man TT lap

Subaru Isle of Man

With Subaru Technica International (STI), Prodrive, and a purpose-built 600 hp Subaru WRX STI behind him, Mark Higgins not only managed to break, but shatter the Isle of Man TT lap record in June.

The 3-time British Rally Champion drove around the 60.8 km Snaefell Mountain Course in 17 min 35.139 sec, averaging 207.17 km/h with a ridiculous top speed of 271.34 km/h. That slashes the previous record by 1 min 50.861 sec also set by Higgins a few years back.

If those numbers are mind-numbing enough, imagine what it felt like sitting behind the wheel. Well now you can, sort of.

Subaru has released the full in-car footage of Higgins’ record-breaking run, complete with a heart-rate monitor, temperature gauge, and elevation chart, narrated by Higgins himself. Watch him go through turn-by-turn, kilometer-by-kilometer and make a Subaru WRX STI dance around the Isle of Man.