Ozawa JDM does Japan – Part 1

Ozawa JDM does Japan - Part 1

JDM A very loose acronym within the car community; something that has become synonymous to cool, unique, and desirable. It has ultimately become a trend and subculture around the world, but in reality, at the very core, JDM simply stands for Japanese Domestic Market.

Here at Ozawa JDM, our goal is to relate and share the car culture we all love. We want to extend our reach not only to our fellow brothers and sisters behind the wheel, but also to those who have not yet been fully immersed in our amazing community. We want to show them what makes this scene of ours exciting and special, and why it sometimes takes over every aspect of our lives.

That’s why we made a video, starring Mark Bernardo and yours truly, to give you a glimpse as to why some of us find JDM so fascinating, and why it effortlessly turns us into fanatics. We want to give you a chance to experience Japan as a country, a culture, and as a motoring heaven.

Follow us through our adventures in Japan!

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