Racing historics with the Manila Sports Car Club

Racing historics with the Manila Sports Car Club

The Manila Sports Car Club (MSCC) kicked off their 2014 season with a slew of grid races for Modern Sports Cars, the Philippine DTM Revival, and the Miata Cup… But the rarest gems to be seen on the track were definitely the participants of the Historic Races.

In case you missed it, here’s a video by Steven Flor documenting those coveted automobiles that fateful day. This is the proof you need that these car guys don’t shelter their vintage rides, but drive them hard and get pretty close on the track—with the bonus of peppy editing cues and awesome slow motion.

“I made the video because there are two things I’m really passionate about: racing and filmmaking. To be able to capture and share spirited racing is really fulfilling for me. I enjoy the company of the MSCC members. They’re a close-knit family and I’m glad to be a part of it. To be able to capture moments with them in the pits and while racing is truly a joy and a privilege. And, of course, I enjoy admiring the beautiful race cars up close when shooting them for each race day video.”—Steven Flor.

I’m just glad that it’s efforts like this that give people records to cherish throughout their lives and to pass on to their families, children, loved ones, and perhaps the budding automotive enthusiasts of our nation’s future.

Enjoy Steven’s latest work below.