Seeing Sailor Moon in an official Ford commercial is high AF

Ford Fusion Sailor Moon

When companies choose a celebrity endorser, they usually go for someone who has a positive image, someone who people can look up to and somehow influence customers into buying their crap. That’s why actors, musicians, and athletes make prime candidates. But for the guys at Ford, they think that this someone who best fits their brand image is Sailor Moon.

Wait, what?

Their latest marketing strategy involves a young (and let’s not forget fictional) schoolgirl who daydreams about a Ford Fusion. Because midsize sedans are what teenagers apparently gush over these days. Of course, let’s not forget about her cat Luna who somehow knows all of the Fusion’s driver-assist features by heart.

This is some trippy stuff.

Mind you, this is not a fan-made clip. It was posted by the Ford Motor Company’s YouTube channel making it 100% official. Yeah, we still can’t believe it either.