Watch F1 driver Alexander Rossi give a 101 on how to drive a manual

theCHIVE How to Drive a Stick

Real men drive stick. This is a right of passage every human being born with the XY chromosome have to face once they’re old enough to get a driver’s license. But in case you’re still not part of the 3-pedal-party, Manor Marussia Formula 1 driver Alexander Rossi is here to help.

Put together by theCHIVE, this is a quick tutorial that introduces slushbox lovers to the clutch pedal. Here you’ll learn to trade P-R-N-D-S for 1-2-3-4-5-R.

“Manuals are awesome. Like, how did you not know how to do this already? It’s the only way to drive.” – Alexander Rossi

What a lot of people don’t realize is how simple driving a manual really is. Best part is, you get to drive like a hoonigan as demonstrated by Rossi himself. Watch theCHIVE’s Field Guide Chapter One: “How to Drive a Stick Shift Like A Boss” below and join the club.