XCAR explains why the Ferrari F40 is THE supercar

XCAR explains why the Ferrari F40 is THE supercar

I’ve seen the F40 on previous occasions… in a car show, fun run, shop floor, and race track. However, XCAR presented it in a way that truly captured the magnificence and aura of this very special car and it blew me away.

Your very soul can sense the beauty of the Ferrari F40 just by its mere sound. It’s music to an enthusiast’s ear.

XCAR Films video explains how a 1,100 kg car with 471 hp – The Ferrari F40 – can be “THE” supercar.

Regardless of how knowledgeable a person may be about automobiles, this car is still one of those people regard as crème de la crème. The lack of utilities and amenities alongside the ill-fitting panels highlight imperfections that make this car perfect; the V8 rumble and twin turbo which generates a very unique exhaust that only an F40 can deliver.

This was the highlight of engineering from the Italian stable. How Enzo Ferrari made the car very analog and yet deeply moving is beyond words, as former race car driver John Pogson said after his qualifying race (during a major downpour which landed him on 3rd position on grid), “…I started to shake and I started to cry…” This ladies and gentlemen is the perfect example of how a car should be built. Winning a race on 4th gear alone just supports the idea that this car was built with a racing pedigree.

I can go on about how cool and perfect this dream car of mine is but I’d rather let you sit back, relax, and watch the video. Listen and be moved by John’s fond memories of the car. IT IS WORTH IT!

And oh, if I were to choose between having sex or driving the F40 for the rest of my life…

Where are the keys?

Yes, it’s that good.