PRT Racing at the 2016/2017 Asian Le Mans Series – 4 Hours of Sepang

PRT Racing 4 Hours of Sepang

As soon as everything starts to go right, something goes terribly wrong. This little thing happens to be a right front stub-axle on the No. 67 Pinbet88-sponsored Ginetta that decided to go rogue in the last 15 minutes of the 4 Hours of Sepang.

The season finale, held last January 21/22, was Pinnacle Racing Team’s (PRT Racing) last chance to score a podium in the 2016/2017 Asian Le Mans Endurance Series. It was their last hurrah in a season full of ups and downs. And with their extensive experience on the Sepang International Circuit plus a strong driver lineup, scoring a top 3 finish really looked possible.