At last, AAP gives ‘sanctioned’ motorsport events the green light


This is the news we’ve all been waiting for. Because after more than a year in hibernation, Philippine motorsports is finally ready to resume action. This was confirmed by the Automobile Association Philippines’ (AAP) motorsport devision, that they’re willing to sanction motorsport events once again and make the most of what’s left of the 2021 season.

In a letter sent to the country’s motorsport clubs and organizers, AAP Motorsports expressed that this may be the opportune time to resume the sport given the country’s positive outlook against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Signed by Armando Eduque, AAP Motorsport Committee Chairman, it also notes that “all events sanctioned by AAP in GCQ and MGCQ venues must observe IATF mandated safety protocols, including the wearing of face masks and shields, social distancing, reduced spectator capacity, etc.”

With this they’re urging organizers to get their act together, drop AAP Motorsports an e-mail with their proposed calendar of events, and let their participants and sponsors know that it’s game on for 2021.

They’ve also prepared a detailed ‘Return to Motorsport’ guide (available at for anyone thinking of putting together an event during this pandemic. The instructions here are based on the IATF’s updated direction allowing “non-contact sports in outdoor” in GCQ areas and cover topics on event venue preparations, special health considerations, and step-by-step procedures on organizing events.

Let it be known that AAP Motorsport is now accepting applications for events run under GCQ and MGCQ-classified venues. Likewise, they’re urging drivers to begin processing their AAP Competition Licenses for 2021 in time when the 2021 season finally gets underway.