Circuit Showdown vows to continue track day series despite tragedy

Circuit Showdown

The future of Circuit Showdown, the country’s largest and fastest growing track day series, has been in question since it tragically lost its founder Enzo Pastor last June 2014. But thankfully, we have confirmation that Circuit Showdown is here to stay.

You see, Circuit Showdown was the brainchild of Enzo and his wife Dalia, who for the past 5 years, have been nurturing the grassroots of Philippine motorsports. Things, however, have been a bit rocky over the past few weeks. Without getting too much into the details, it seems that the Circuit Showdown family might lose yet another member if the allegations are true.

But even so, the remaining family members Enzo left behind has vowed to continue what he started in his memory. Read Circuit Showdown’s Official Statement below:

“Circuit Showdown is a race series created FOR THE RACER, BY RACERS.

Enzo, Dalia, Edward, Marc, Jay, and the rest of the Circuit Showdown Team envisioned a grassroots series that would bring out the potential in all who joined… giving everyone a venue to showcase their talents, whether as a driver, mechanic, or manager.

From humble beginnings of roughly 20 participants, we have grown to be a big national family with brothers and sisters coming from all corners of the Philippines. The organizers and participants as one, make this series the premier grassroots racing event in our country.

We owe it to you all to continue this noble cause that has brought so much joy to so many!

We would like to thank everyone who stuck with us through thick and thin.

All your questions regarding the current situation will be addressed and answered at the appropriate time by the proper authorities. During these trying times, we want to show our appreciation for the solidarity of our CIRCUIT SHOWDOWN FAMILY! We assure everyone that WE WILL CONTINUE. WE WILL GROW. And we are all about the RACING.

Be Good, have Fun and Enjoy Racing!”

See you at Round 7 of the 2014 BMC Air Filter Circuit Showdown this September 13 at the Batangas Racing Circuit (BRC).

Do note that this Special Leg will have no grid races. Instead, the morning session will use the short track, while the afternoon session will be run on the long track. The best time for each track layout will then be summed up to yield each competitor’s fastest lap of the day.

Circuit Showdown is sponsored by BMC Air Filters, GT Radial Tires, Mitasu Oil Japan, Staging Lanes Las Piñas, A1 Advertising, Aguila Autoglass, Rota Wheels, Skunk2 Racing, Exedy Performance Clutches, HANS, Richmond Auto Parts, Brembo Brakes, Sabelt, Spy Eye Wear, Philgerma, Foil A Car Manila, Aero Med, Walter Lights and Sounds, C! Magazine, and Driven & Refresh car fresheners.