Here’s the Vios Cup 2017 driver standings ahead of the season finale

Vios Cup 2017

In only a few days, there will be a new Vios Cup 2017 champion, or rather champions, if you count the Super Sporting, Sporting, Promotional, and Celebrity classes individually. That final showdown takes place on the 25th of November at the Clark International Speedway (CIS) and here’s how the driver standings stack up so far.

Double points are up for grabs during the season finale. And because a driver gets 20 points for finishing 1st, for each of the 2 races during the weekend, anyone within 80 points of the championship leader can still take the title.

That’s based mathematically of course, plus hopes and dreams that everyone else suffers a DNF.

Best of luck to all the teams and drivers.

Vios Cup 2017