Hone your racing skills this weekend by enrolling in MSDP’s Module 1 training

Motorsport Development Program

Whether you want to be the next Marlon Stockinger or simply be a track day ace, take our advice and sign up for the Motorsport Development Program (MSDP). This is the grassroots training platform of the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) that prepares driving enthusiasts to become future race car drivers.

It’s a 9-module program that covers topics such as driving technique, safety, vehicle dynamics, physical and mental fitness, and race car preparation. Each whole day session consists of a classroom lecture and practical hands-on training with 10-time National Rally Champion Vip Isada as your teacher.

But do bear in mind that you can’t skip modules and must strictly start from “Module 1: Race Skills.” And because classes are only held on weekends, it’ll take you a several weeks to earn your diploma. Miss that start and you’ll have to wait another few months ’til the MSDP offers a new program.

If you understand what we’re trying to say then you should register for the Module 1 class this coming weekend.

“Module 1: Race Skills” will be offered this November 12, 2016 (Saturday) at the Mega Tent Libis in Quezon City. Since this is a young driver program, all participants aged 16 to 19 years old get to enroll for free. But more senior students are also encouraged to join for P2,000.

Registration starts at 7:45 AM and the program will promptly begin at 8:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM. Lunch and a Motorsport Development Program T-shirt will be provided to all participants. Please bring your own car if possible.

Register for the AAP’s Motorsport Development Program Module 1 by hitting the link.

For more details, visit the AAP Motorsport Facebook page or contact Amanda Isada at amandaisada@gmail.com.