JBT Racing keen on sealing Sporting Class title in Vios Cup season finale

JBT Racing

With only one round of the Vios Cup 2018 remaining, JBT Racing will be going for more than just race wins at the Clark International Speedway (CIS). The team from the north is heading to the season finale with hopes of sealing the Sporting Class title. And it will have 2 chances to do so either through Red Diwa or Kiko Dysico.

Aside from them, the 5 other drivers of Toyota San Fernando, Toyota Isabela, and Toyota Cabanatuan are also gunning for glory in their own categories this coming September 21/22.

JBT Racing
(From left) Oliver Estrella, Ton Ramos, Darrell Garbes, Marc Turla, Maila Alivia, Kiko Dysico, Oliver Matias, and Red Diwa.

JBT Racing

Super Sporting Class
After 5 full seasons, Ton Ramos has sadly confirmed his retirement at the end of 2018. He has raced the #33 car in TSF colors ever since day one of the Vios Cup and collected memorable podiums for the team over the years. Ton also came close to winning the Sporting Class championship in 2017 before moving up to race with the big boys in Super Sporting.

He’ll be giving it one last hurrah this coming weekend, preferably with a top 10 result before he hangs up his helmet.

JBT Racing JBT Racing JBT Racing

Bridgestone Sporting Class
As for Red Diwa, the reigning Promotional Class champion is only a few points away from clinching the Sporting Class title. He needs to finish all 3 races in the top 5, ahead of nearest rival Lord Seno, and the crown will be his. But don’t expect fellow JBT Racing teammate Kiko Dysico to just sit there and watch. Currently 3rd in the standings, he also has a shot at stealing the championship specially with double points up for grabs.

Oliver Matias in the #48 car will also be helping Red and Kiko’s cause. And if everything comes together, the trio can score a 1-2-3 finish for JBT Racing to cap off the year.

JBT Racing JBT Racing JBT Racing

ROTA Promotional Class
Although Darrell Garbes, Maila Alivia, and Oliver Estrella are not title contenders in the Promotional Class, you can count that all 3 will be gunning for podium finishes during the season finale.

Darrell has proven on numerous occasions that he has the pace to fight for a top 3 position whether it be in CIS or Alabang. So it’s just a matter of time until we see him take a trophy home. Like her teammate, lady driver Maila Alivia also wants to know how it feels like to take a step on the podium.

“Like everyone, I also want a podium. I’ve been practicing a lot and I need to prove something for myself on my first year in the Vios Cup” she commented.

Then, there’s Oliver Estrella who acts both as team manager and race car driver. He’s never racing just for himself as he takes care of JBT Racing’s entire 7-car garage. This unique position allows him not only to enjoy his own races, but also whenever one of his cars win.

Hopefully, Ton Ramos, Red Diwa, Kiko Dysico, Oliver Matias, Darrell Garbes, and Maila Alivia will give him a good reason to celebrate at the end of the 2018 season.

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[Photos by Jon Gonzales]