Motul x Ceramic Pro Bambino Kart Class give 5-year-olds an early entry into motorsports


With the goal of giving young aspirants an early entry into motorsports, the Motul x Ceramic Pro Bambino Kart Class is breaking new ground this year as it offers karters as young as 5 years old the chance to go racing. It’s designed to be safe, cost-effective, and fun, while allowing driver talent to shine.

Before this series came along, kids need to be at least 7 years of age to be able to get in any sort of karting program. Such is the case with Petron Motorsports Karting Academy, while the minimum age required to race is even higher at 8 in MiniROK. That’s the gap the Motul x Ceramic Pro Bambino Kart Class is trying to bridge with its newly-launched category for 2023. Because here, competitors can be as young as 4 (as long as they’re turning 5 within the calendar year) up to 7 years old to enter, for as long as they meet the minimum height requirement of 4 feet (122 cm).

The series utilizes ‘Bambino-sized’ Micro karts from OTK, fitted with identical 2HP Comer C50 engines. To keep costs low, competitors need not to buy their own equipment and only need to pay a minimal P4,500 fee to practice. Made possible by Axel Motorsports, that covers the kart and engine rental for a day with free coaching courtesy of former WSK international tuner Richard Peek.

Note that track fee is to paid separately direct to the track.

Those who want their kids to compete in the Motul x Ceramic Pro Bambino Kart Class can then sign up for their first race this 26th of March (Sunday) at the Carmona Race Track (CRT). The 2-day weekend costs P15,000 and pays for the 1-day practice, race entry fee, kart and engine rental, fuel, and tires.

What’s good about the Bambino Class is that, unlike other higher categories in karting, it relies less on kart setup and more on driver skill. This makes it the perfect entry level training ground for very young drivers who have very little to no racing experience, allowing them to grasp the basic driving concepts needed in racing. And while motorsports is very competitive in nature, the Motul x Ceramic Pro Bambino Kart Class stresses that its goal is make the sport fun.

Sharing the same race weekend as the Petron Blaze 100 Super Karting Series, the very first event will kick off on the 25th/26th of March at the Carmona Race Track (CRT) with succeeding races yet to be announced. As with other categories, drivers earn points based on finishing order with an overall champion awarded at the end of the year.

Organized by Axel Motorsports, the Motul x Ceramic Pro Bambino Kart Class is supported by Motul Infiniteserv International, Ceramic Pro, and Alpinestars.

For more info on how to join, please contact the Axel Motorsports page on Facebook.