#RaceAgainstCovid: AAP issues reminder on resumption of motorsport events


If you think we can go back racing anytime soon, think again. Because despite the Inter-Agency Task Force’s (IATF) Resolution No. 38 allowing for outdoor non-contact sports under General Community Quarantine (GCQ), motorsport events is not one them. This is further confirmed by the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) in their latest memo addressed to the Philippine motorsport community.

AAP Motorsport Manager, Ivan Isada clarifies that motorsport is classified under ‘mass gathering’, hence is still prohibited until we shift to Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) at the very least. He also stresses that the AAP will not sanction any motorsport events under the current situation.

So while we ride out the COVID-19 crisis, the AAP still suggests that we look into digital motorsports as an alternative since they see it as a proper racing discipline in itself. They even urge organizers to reach out to them should there be a need for the AAP’s guidance and expertise.

This is the AAP’s official statement in full.

AAP Motorsport