#RaceAgainstCovid: AAP sends stern message against motorsport events


As you all should know, there are certain limitations on the activities that we can or cannot do during this pandemic. Motorsports happen to be one of those still on the ‘cannot’ list as mandated by the government. But just in case you don’t want to believe them, the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) has come out to issue a stern warning to those who fail to oblige.

In the Joint Administrative Order 2020-0001 issued by the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), it states that “Non-Professional sporting events such as tournaments, competitive events, and athletic meets shall not be permitted.”

Yes, that includes motorsport events.

Practice sessions, however, are permitted for as long as it’s limited to only five (5) to ten (10) individuals, subject to the venue’s local quarantine restrictions. These people must also not fall below twenty-one (21) years old or sixty (60) years old and beyond whether they’re an athlete, coach, or a personnel.

While the statement from AAP Motorsport Manager, Ivan Isada, states that this is only a ‘gentle reminder’ for the community, the consequences prove otherwise. It’s made clear that organizers, drivers, and even track owners are liable in case they fail to abide by government-issued guidelines with corresponding penalties and sanctions.

So please, follow the rules. Because whatever action you do affects the welfare of Philippine motorsport as a whole.

This is the AAP’s official statement in full.

AAP Motorsport