Shell extends technical partnership with Hyundai World Rally Team

Hyundai World Rally Team

Royal Dutch Shell isn’t only the title partner of the Hyundai World Rally Team, because thanks to a new 5-year deal, the petrochemical giant retains its title as the “officially recommended lubricants supplier” for Hyundai vehicles worldwide.

What this means is Hyundai owners from around the globe will only get superior-quality Shell lubricants when they have their vehicle serviced at Hyundai dealers. Hopefully, this keeps their customers happy knowing that their beloved cars, vans, or SUVs are running on some of the best oils available.

We’re just not sure if this deal also covers other fluids such as gear oil, transmission oil, and brake fluid.

Shell will also work with Hyundai’s team of engineers to develop new formulations… you know, just in case the Korean automaker demands a specific blend for whatever new technologies they’re brewing up. What this does is it helps Hyundai maximize their vehicle’s durability, as well as reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

So next time you visit your local Hyundai service station for an oil change, expect them to fill your engine only with Shell.

Aside from Hyundai, Shell also managed to bag a deal with BMW AG in late 2014, ousting Castrol in the process. This makes them the only recommended global supplier of engine oils for BMW, BMW I, BMW M, MINI, and BMW Motorrad.