TCR Asia is the touring car series you should be following in 2018

TCR Asia Series

If you don’t know what ‘TCR’ is, it’s a touring car series that began life as a more cost-effective alternative to the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC). Although the format is still relatively new, the formula has proven to be quite successful and has grown to have its own International, Regional, and National championships. It worked so well that even the WTCC adopted its rules and rebranded as the WTCR.

We have our own zone championship called the TCR Asia Series, which on its 4th season features a 5 round calendar. 3 of those events will be part of the new ‘South-East Asia Cup’. But sadly, despite our country’s geographical proximity, none of the races will take place in the Philippines.


TCR Asia Series

The 2018 season will kick off in late March at the Sepang International Circuit. From Malaysia, it’ll then move to Thailand and stay for 2 events. Buriram International Circuit in June followed by the Bangsaen Grand Prix in July. Next on the list is the Korea International Circuit in August before heading to Shanghai International Circuit in China for the finale.

Although not officially part of the championship, TCR Asia Series teams will also be invited to the inaugural SIC888 endurance race in Shanghai which will take place on the 8th of October.

TCR Asia Series

2018 TCR Asia Series Calendar
Testing | March 28/29 (Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia)
Round 1/2 | March 30/April 1 (Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia)
Round 3/4 | June 1/2 (Buriram International Circuit, Thailand)
Round 5/6 | July 13/15 (Bangsaen Street Circuit, Thailand)
Round 7/8 | August 25/26 (Korea International Circuit, South Korea)
Round 9/10 | October 4/5 (Shanghai International Circuit, China)
SIC888 Endurance | October 7 (Shanghai International Circuit, China)

Machines that are eligible for TCR are still mostly production-based. They must be 4 or 5-door compact vehicles, powered by a 320 hp 2.0L turbo-charged petrol or diesel engine, with either a DSG or sequential transmission, and have a max weight of 1,285 kg. The spec’d class allow for close wheel-to-wheel racing with Balance of Performance (BoP) to make things even more competitive.

TCR Asia Series

So far, the vehicles that race in TCR Asia Series include the Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR, Audi RS3 LMS, SEAT Leon TCR, and Honda Civic TCR.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that one day, these guys decide to add the Clark International Speedway or Batangas Racing Circuit to their calendar. If Formula 4 Southeast Asia and the Caterham Motorsport Championship runs events here, why shouldn’t they?

TCR Asia Series TCR Asia Series