Mazda now offers a hardtop for the MX-5, exclusive for Cup Cars only

MX5 Cup Car Hardtop

If you wanted a 4th gen MX-5 Miata a few months ago, you would have had 2 roof choices from Mazda. There’s the standard manual fabric soft-top and the newer powered Retractable Fastback, otherwise known as the MX-5 RF. Now, there’s a third option, a factory-approved hardtop exclusively available for MX-5 Cup Cars.

When Mazda Motorsports created the Global MX-5 Cup, they were intended to be run as open-top roadsters, allowing drivers of the one-make-series to enjoy racing ‘al fresco’. But for obvious reasons, not everyone who bought a cup car race exclusively in the MX-5 Cup. And it just so happens that there are other series out there that require cars to have a roof to go racing.

For that reason, Mazda Motorsports designed and built a track-only hardtop option for their clientele.

“While our first year was spent concentrating on the successful launch of the MX-5 Cup car in our Battery Tender Global Mazda MX-5 Cup presented by BFGoodrich Tires, we knew that was just one arena for customers. Now with an available hardtop, Mazda racers can compete in SCCA and NASA Club Racing and in the Pirelli World Challenge TCA class,” said David Cook, Business Development Manager of Mazda Motorsports.

Do note that the hardtop is removable, so MX-5 Cup Car owners may switch back and forth depending on the race they’re entering for the weekend. It can now be ordered from Mazda Motorsports with a tag price of $4,420 (or P222,800). Yes, that’s A LOT of money for a roof considering a brand new cup car only costs $53,000 (or P2.67 million).