The new 2018 Toyota Yaris get upgrades both inside and out

Toyota Yaris

There’s a new Yaris and you can now buy it from any Toyota dealership nationwide. It’s still based on the 3rd gen model that we got in 2014, but with an entirely new front and rear ends, an updated interior, plus a CVT option.

Toyota decided to shave off the Yaris’ old ‘mustache’ grille and traded it for new trendier ‘side burns’. Even the headlights are completely new, which to us, looks 10x better than before. The back side gets a similar treatment with new tail lights that makes for a much cleaner hatch.

Toyota Yaris

Sadly for pre-facelift Yaris owners, the drastic restyle means they can’t simply buy spare parts to get the updated look. Technically they can, but it won’t come cheap.

Toyota also revised the entire dashboard to give the Yaris a new lease on life. Not that the old one was bad. The 7-inch infotainment touchscreen, with iOS and Android connectivity, though is a nice touch. Its 7 airbags, which are now standard across all variants, are nice too. Daytime Running Lights (DRL), Start/Stop Button, and Eco-Drive + Sport Drive Modes, however, are exclusive to the range topping version.

Toyota Yaris

If you want one, you still have 3 variants to choose from with 7 color options. The 1.3E is available with either a 5-speed manual at P875,000 or a new CVT at P927,000. As for the 1.5S, it too gets a CVT and is listed at P1,040,000.

Freedom White, Attitude Black, Orange Metallic, Gray Metallic, Thermalyte, and Red Mica Metallic are shades that were all already available since the very beginning. So if you want to really stand out, go for the new Citrus Mica Metallic.

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