AutoDeal makes the online car buying experience better, safer

Autodeal Buyer Safety

Have you ever tried to buy a brand new car online? Well, maybe you should. Because thanks to, it’s not only possible, but could also be a whole lot better than going straight to the nearest dealership, especially with 2 of their new site features.

Now pay attention. What it does is help customers, such as yourself, communicate and transact more securely with officially-registered sales agents from anywhere in the Philippines.

The first is AutoDeal’s new Lead Management System. This is corporate jargon for a new software they give out to sales agents so they can effectively communicate with buyers, respond to inquiries, send quotes, schedule test drives, and ultimately, close a deal. And because these guys work directly with car manufacturers and dealership groups, you won’t get duped.

“Traditional car classified websites tend to focus on generating as many vehicle listings as possible. In many cases, there’s no way for buyers to be sure that the sales agent truly is who they claim to be,” stated AutoDeal co-founder Daniel Scott. “On AutoDeal, only official agents invited by their dealership can participate and communicate with customers.”

Second, the Philippine-based online car buying platform now allows you to register and create your Personal Car-Buyer Profile. This lets you save promos and car comparisons, subscribe for updates on specific vehicles or car brands, and create wish lists. But best part of all, it lets you communicate directly with AutoDeal’s partner dealerships.

Think of it as Facebook Chat or Viber, but instead of talking to your friends, you get to chat with a sales agent.

When both features work together as planned, you can now buy a brand new car online safer and a whole lot quicker.