Book a 188-point inspection from Premium Warranty Services before you buy a used car


Are you shopping for a 2nd hand car? With so many choices out there, it can be quite tricky to find one in good condition. So in order to avoid buying a lemon, you can now book a 188-point inspection from Premium Warranty Services Philippines, Inc. (PWSPI) so they can check it out for you.

At launch, the company only offered this service to used car dealers. But to help ever more consumers and and elevate the used car buying experience in the country, they’ve now made it available to the general public.

Premium Inspection is aimed towards customers who intend to purchase a used car from a private seller, be it a relative, acquaintance, or someone selling through an online classifieds website. As they can never be too sure of the vehicle’s true condition, the buyer can now have it checked by a PWSPI trained technician so they can remove guesswork and minimize risk before making a purchase.

Through the on-demand service, PWSPI will deploy a mobile technician to vehicle’s location upon the customer’s request. The inspection takes approximately 45 mins to complete on-site where they check components on the body, exterior, interior, engine, and undercarriage. Special tools are also used to thoroughly check the on-board devices (OBD), battery, and alternator to find hidden faults if any. Paint thickness and subframes are then carefully scrutinized to find any signs of previous repair, accidents, or flooding.

Once the inspection is complete, PWSPI’s technician will discuss any noteworthy findings to the customer – explaining to them parts that have passed inspection as well as any areas that may need attention. A complete inspection report will also be available for download after 24 hours.

“We understand the plight of the typical car buyer who is in search for quality used cars in the market. With so many available options, it’s often difficult to tell a good car from a bad one. That’s why some rely on a relative, friends, or a mechanic to help them check the vehicle they intend to buy. Let PWSPI be that trusted expert who they can depend on to give an honest assessment and sound advice on the used car they’re buying. Our goal is to give buyers peace of mind and confidence with their purchase through Premium Inspection,” said Koji Kasahara, President of PWSPI.

But this service is not only for buyers. Sellers can likewise use Premium Inspection and have their stocks checked and use the inspection report to be fully transparent with their customers. The added credibility and trust should then improve the chances of the vehicle being sold.

Premium Inspection is applicable to any type of vehicle regardless of brand, model, type, age, or mileage. It can now be booked online through or Premium Warranty Services Philippines on Facebook. The on-demand service is available from Mondays to Saturdays during regular work hours and can be deployed to any point in Metro Manila and select parts of Bulacan and CALABARZON. The service can be availed for a minimal fee of Php 2,600 paid via bank deposit or online channels.