Caltex updates blend of Delo Sports & Havoline Formula engine oils

Caltex Havoline Delo

Marketed by Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), Caltex is re-introducing its line of diesel and gasoline engine oils. These are the new Delo Sports Advanced SAE 5W-40, Delo Sports Synthetic Blend 10W-30 with Techron D Concentrate, and Havoline Formula SAE 10W-30. They’re said to be “specially formulated for maximizing engine life while maintaining high power and performance even under the most severe conditions” which makes them well-suited for Philippine roads.

Delo Sports Advanced SAE 5W-40 is a super-premium synthetic diesel engine oil that’s formulated with ISOSYN Advanced Technology and has low sulfated ash, phosphorus, and sulfur (SAPS). It provides ultimate protection for SUVs, pickups, high performance 4x4s, and even low emission diesel engines.

Delo Sports Synthetic Blend 10W-30, on the other hand, is a high performance multigrade diesel engine oil. It’s also blended to meet the requirements of SUV, pickup, and 4×4 type vehicles specially the latest models with common-rail fuel injection technology that prefer heavy-duty type motor oils (HDMOs).

As for gasoline engines, there’s the Havoline Formula SAE 10W-30. This multigrade oil is specially engineered with Deposit Shield Technology, which is an advanced detergent formula unique to Havoline that prevents deposit buildup. Its low viscosity grade 10W-30 is geared towards fuel efficiency is applicable in a wide range of Japanese and American car models. Havoline technology also helps maintain engine power, improve oil stability, and increase engine durability throughout an oil change interval.

“We at Caltex never stop creating innovations that meet the needs of riders. We want to give all kinds of riders the drive, the empowerment, the maximized protection, and the fuel economy benefit to keep going,” shares Hafiz Nasar, Area Business Manager of Chevron Lubricants for Philippines.

Caltex’s new engine oils have passed performance standards required in HDMOs. The Delo Sports Advanced SAE 5W-40 meets the API-C series required standards, while the Havoline Formula SAE 10W-30 qualifies for the API performance standards of ILSC GF-5 & SN-RC.

Delo Sports Advanced SAE 5W-40 and Havoline Formula SAE 10W-30 are now on sale in Caltex stations, auto supply shops, and leading hardware stores.

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