Catriona Gray can now give you driving directions on Waze

Catriona Gray Waze

Traffic in the Philippines sucks big time, but there’s a way to make it suck less. Catriona Gray, yes the reigning Miss Universe 2018, can now give you directions in the latest update of navigation app Waze.

Make her your daily navigator by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘Voice Directions’ > then select ‘Catriona Gray’.

Once the download is complete, Catriona can now help you get from Point A to Point B as you drive around the Philippines. She has also put in her own sweet personal touch whenever she gives directions or safety tips, which hopefully helps calm you down on the road.

“In my experience, U-turns are best made slowly.”

Yes, ma’am!

“Time to park the car and do the lava walk.”

Uh, I’ll skip the lava walk. No thank you.

This partnership was made possible through the Philippines’ leading bank BDO as their way to announce their newest brand ambassador. Also, it makes Catriona the very first Filipino celebrity to be featured as a voice on Waze.

“I am truly honored to be the first Filipino Waze celebrity voice. It has always been my passion to voice out my advocacies and spread positivity. Being the newest voice on Waze enables me to share positivity to Filipinos who are on the road—going to school, work or wherever they need to be. I want to keep them inspired and help them find their way so that we can all be happy and remain optimistic, despite many challenges such as the traffic,” said Catriona.