Giti-Formula V1 Challenge to pit celebrities in own TV show on ESPN5

Formula V1

What could be more entertaining than watching a bunch of celebrities poke at each other on TV, to see who can drive the fastest on track, all for the sake of charity? Certainly sounds like the perfect show for motorheads like us. That’s what single-seater series Giti-Formula V1 and Sportscenter Philippines are out to do with their new show.

They’ve tapped TV host Jinno Rufino, actress and presenter Phoemela Baranda, and radio personality Sam YG to star in the first ever ‘Giti-Formula V1 Level Up Challenge’ that will air later this week on ESPN5.

Formula V1

The 8-part series will follow the journey of the 3 as they ‘level up’ to become full-fledged drivers in the one-make series. Being veterans of the Vios Cup, they’re the perfect candidates to demonstrate how effective FV1 really is at developing drivers who want to step up in the motorsports ladder.

Current Formula V1 drivers Dominique Roque and Gaby Dela Merced will act as coaches and guide them through a set challenges throughout the series. Then at the very end, whoever comes out the fastest around the Clark International Speedway will win P50,000 to be donated to their charity of choice.

The pilot episode is scheduled to air on September 20 (Friday) at 6:00PM during Sportscenter Philippines on ESPN5, so don’t forget to tune in. Succeeding episodes are then set to play on September 21 (Ep 2), 22 (Ep 3), 27 (Ep 4), 28 (Ep 5), 29 (Ep 6), October 4 (Ep 7), and 5 (Ep 8).

But in case you miss them, you can also watch the series on

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