How much does it cost to have a Toyota serviced at the dealer?

Toyota Dealer Service

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) ‘recommends’ that you follow their Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) schedule, which is a service visit every 3 months or 5,000 km, whichever comes first. Although there now some models that come with a PMS package for FREE (along with an extended 5-year warranty), it’s still going to be an out-of-pocket expense for most Toyota owners.

So, we did the right thing and asked TMP how much does it cost to have a Toyota serviced at the dealer.

Their PMS price matrix, which we tirelessly translated into the chart below, covers most of their lineup including the Wigo, Vios, Rush, Innova, Fortuner, all the way to the Land Cruiser. It even includes older models of the Vios and the now discontinued Previa. The likes of the Prius, 86, and Supra, however, have all been left out.

It quotes every single PMS visit, starting from 1,000 km up to 80,000 km, so you get an idea how much you need to pay. You’re welcome.

(To all Toyota dealers, managers, and agents, we ask you please DO NOT steal our artwork. But you are more than welcome to link back to this article.)

Toyota Dealer Service Toyota Dealer Service Toyota Dealer Service

TMP is quite confident when they say that nobody knows your Toyota like they do. And according to them, it should be in your best interest to have your car serviced regularly at their dealers, where genuine parts and quality service are guaranteed.

In doing so, you’re rewarded with a vehicle that is in excellent running condition, with better fuel economy, longer vehicle life, and a higher resale value. While some may argue that it’s pricey-er in a ‘casa’ (as compared to a ‘talyer’), at least you’re assured that they’re doing the job right with Toyota-certified technicians, using state-of-the-art tools and equipment.

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