How to score a 2nd hand car that has been certified by Premium Warranty Services Ph


Over the last few months, Premium Warranty Services Philippines, Inc. (PWSPI) has been busy tapping car dealers and online car portals as part of its goal to elevate the used car market in the country. They do this by inspecting and covering 2nd hand cars with warranty, so buyers can have full transparency on its condition and enjoy a worry-free ownership experience. And this is how you can score one of over 1,000 used cars they’ve certified.

Premium Inspection Seal of Quality
Inspected vehicles can easily be identified as they’re affixed with a ‘Premium Inspected’ sticker on the front (or back) window signifying that it has passed through PWSPI’s stringent 188-point inspection. These inspected units can then be found in over 100 used car dealers around Metro Manila where you request for a copy of the report.

Find all of PWSPI’s partner used car dealers in this link.

PWSPI-inspected vehicles can also be found online. Through a partnership with Carousell, listed vehicles on the platform carry an “Inspected” badge with a download link to the report. They’ve even added an ‘Inspected Cars’ search filter to make it more convenient to find a quality used car.

“Whether you’re shopping at dealerships or online, we at PWSPI want to help car buyers find better quality 2nd hand cars. Our inspection service adds a new level of transparency to the market, providing the customer vital information about a car’s condition. What’s more, by collaborating with dealers and online portals such as Carousell, PWSPI is able to provide this added value at no extra cost to buyers,” said Vince Socco, Chairman of PWSPI and GT Capital Auto & Mobility Holdings, Inc. (GTCAM).

Buy Worry-Free with Premium Warranty
Vehicles that pass the inspection criteria are then eligible for a 1-year or 2-year warranty coverage, giving buyers peace of mind and confidence when purchasing a vehicle certified by PWSPI.

With prices starting as low as P5,100, it’s a worthwhile investment as it protects owners from defects, malfunctions, and sudden breakdown of over 200 parts. Vehicles aged 10 years below or with a mileage of no more than 150,000 km can be offered with warranty. Terms and conditions apply.

A number of certified pre-owned vehicles are now listed on Carousell and can be identified through an “Eligible for Warranty” badge.

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