It’s now easier to earn points with your Petron Value Card

Petron Value Card

Previously, we earn Petron Value Card (PVC) points based on the peso value we spend on fuel, LPG, or lubes. But starting this year, Petron Corporation has changed how points are credited to our loyalty cards, making it easier for us than ever before.

The old scheme we’ve gotten used to granted us one (1) point for every P250 worth of fuel regardless of which type of fuel we fill up on. One (1) point was also given for every P100 worth of gasul or five (5) points for every P100 worth of lubes. Bonus points were then awarded for our 5th day visit to any participating Petron station nationwide.

Now, the new policy entitles us PVC holders one (1) point for every 5 liters of Petron Xtra Advance, Petron XCS, and Petron Diesel Max we purchase. But they’re willing to give more if we opt for their high performance fuels with one and a half (1.5) points being credited for every 5 liters of Petron Blaze 100 or Petron Turbo Diesel.

An 11 kg Petron Gasul will now get us ten (10) points, while Lubes can land us ten (10) points max. They’ll also double our points earned for every 3rd day visit.

Not bad right?

Note that one (1) point is still worth P1 which can be redeemed to pay for fuel, lubricants, or any Petron products.

Aside from this, the PVC also entitles us to 24-hour Towing and Roadside Trouble Assistance, Year-round Personal Accident Insurance, P10,000 Accidental Death and Disablement Coverage, and P1,000 in Medical Reimbursement. And we bet you didn’t know that your PVC also can also score you deals and discounts at partner shops, restaurants, and hotels.

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Have the best day at Petron. Check your Petron Value Card points by visiting this link.