List of roads you MUST avoid during the ASEAN 2017 Summit

ASEAN 2017 Summit

We’re no experts when it comes to politics and government affairs, but what we do know is that the Philippines is hosting the 31st Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit this month. And when delegates, dignitaries, and VVIPs from its member countries arrive, you better get your @$$ out of the way.

Why? Because they’re closing major thoroughfares and locking down areas, for security reasons of course. That means no one can pass through, except them.

So if we were you, here’s a list of roads and areas you MUST avoid during the ASEAN 2017 Summit.

CCP Complex, Pasay City
November 8 (12:01 AM onwards) | Partial Lockdown
November 12 (12:01 AM onwards) | Complete Lockdown
November 14 (All Day) | Continuous Lockdown
November 15 (12:00 PM onwards) | Partial Lifting of Lockdown

Roxas Boulevard (starting from Padre Burgos Ave. to Buendia Ave.)
November 13 (12:01 AM onwards) | Total Lockdown
November 13 (12:00 NN onwards) | Lifting of Lockdown

SMX-MOA Arena Annex Block, Pasay City
November 11 (10:00 PM onwards) | Complete Lockdown
November 13 (12:01 AM onwards) | Partial Lifting of Lockdown

Note that during a “Partial Lockdown,” pedestrians and vehicles without ASEAN IDs and decals are allowed to enter the said routes provided that they pass through the vehicle and pedestrian security areas. But when there’s a “Compete Lockdown,” only those with ASEAN IDs and decals will be allowed to pass.

“With less that 2 weeks before the event, I urge the public to steer clear of said lockdown areas so that they will not be trapped just in case there is a passing a convoy,” said Catalino S. Cuy who’s the chairperson of the ASEAN Committee on Security, Peace and Order, Emergency Preparedness and Response (CSPOEPR).

Aside from these areas, it is also strongly advised to avoid passing through the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and EDSA as a stop-and-go scheme will be implemented every time an ASEAN convoy passes through.