Mazda Ph offer 15% savings on 2-year prepaid Preventive Maintenance Service

Mazda Service Promo

Thanks to Mazda Philippines’ innovative Yojin-3 service plan, the brand’s beloved customers were able to enjoy Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) for the first 3 years of ownership free-of-charge since 2013. They upped this from 3 to 5 years back in April of 2020, further adding to the many benefits of owning a Mazda. But in case you missed out on this 5-year offer, you can now purchase a 2-Year Extended Service Plan so you too can enjoy worry-free ownership for another 2 years.

It’s pegged at P38,250 for SkyActiv-G models and P45,000 for both SkyActiv-D and BT-50 engine models, which is a savings of 15% from regular PMS rates. This should cover the cost of the 4th and 5th year PMS starting from the vehicle’s 70,000 km PMS schedule that includes fully synthetic oils, genuine parts, and labor. In addition, the Extended Service Plan also protects Mazda customers from any impending price increases on parts and labor.

“Owning a brand-new Mazda is not just about enjoying a pleasurable drive experience. It is also about the peace of mind afforded by a premium ownership experience,” shares Steven Tan, President and CEO of Mazda Philippines. “Having a complete dealership service record for 5 years protects a car’s residual value and therefore the customer’s investment. But more than that, the 2-Year Extended Service Plan offer is our way to reassure our customers that throughout their Mazda ownership journey, their cars will be in their most optimal condition and will continue to provide reliable service, safety, and performance.”

Applicable to all Mazda units purchased between October 2017 to March 2020, the 2-year Extended Service Plan comes with free Emergency Roadside Assistance for 2 more years and merchant-affiliated benefits.