Michelin’s new Primacy SUV tire promises smoother, safer drives

Michelin Primacy SUV

There’s an ever-growing market for SUVs – a market that Michelin Philippines hope that someday will all roll on their new tire called “Primacy SUV.”

Designed specifically for the Asia Pacific’s extreme road and weather conditions, its main selling-point is that it’s big on SAFETY. It aims to solve the problem why an SUV is a contradiction on wheels.

As far as we can tell, people buy SUVs because they’re bigger, tougher, and taller – giving its occupants a perceived sense of safety. The problem is, these same trails also make them heavier, unstable, and a lot harder to stop. And no amount of electronic safety features will be able to save your ass if the your tires are crap. After all, those black rinsg are the only things on an SUV that touch the ground.

Michelin developed the Primacy SUV specifically to address this.

That’s why it’s stuffed with a bunch of new technologies to provide maximum safety and protection. They refer to them as ‘Stabiligrip’, ‘FlexMax2.0’, ‘CushionGuard’, and ‘EvenPeak’, weird technical jargon that offer these safety improvements.

Michelin Primacy SUV

The new Michelin Primacy SUV is now available in all Michelin authorized dealers nationwide. Sizes range from 16 to 18 inch rims, recommended for models such as the Audi Q8, Honda CR-V, Isuzu MU-X, Mitsubishi Pajero, Nissan X-Trail, Toyota Fortuner, and Volvo XC90.