Mitsubishi ‘finally’ gets a brand-new website in the Philippines

Mitsubishi Website

A big congratulations to our friends at Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) for moving to a new home online. Not only does their new website load faster and offer a better user experience, but also has a much nicer URL that can be accessed though

The most obvious change is the all-new design that’s now optimized for both mobile and desktop users. Images and videos are also sharper, cleaner, and clearer as they should for a brand’s official homepage, plus an added Dynamic 360° Exterior and Interior Viewer to help customers see and appreciate each Mitsubishi model in detail inside and out.

There’s a new Car Configurator that lets visitors select a Mitsubishi model in the color, variant, and specification that they prefer. Compare Variants and download Brochures can also all be done online, while the Dealer Locator can then help customers find the showroom nearest to their location.

What’s even more impressive is how customers can now conveniently send bookings and quotation requests on the go. And we’re quite confident that all customers will receive a timely reply from a Mitsubishi sales or service agent as this functionality is powered by SirQo’s lead management system who happens to be the same people behind

“MMPC encourages the public to visit the new MMPC website and experience its improved and enhanced user interface that embraces the “New Normal,” shares Mutsuhiro Oshikiri, MMPC President & CEO. “We value the time of every visitor to our website. Through these improvements, we hope to give our customers a welcoming online user experience and offer them convenience and ease with every visit.”

Before the year ends, the MMPC website will also have a Chat Bot functionality that will allow customers to interact with brand representatives.