These are the MOMO tires that are now on sale in the Philippines

MOMO Tires

Aside from seats, wheels, accessories, and racing equipment, did you know that MOMO from Italy also made tires? Yeah, neither did we. Apparently they’ve been at it for only the last few years and the brand has now found its way into the country thanks to its distributor Fuel Autotek Philippines.

These guys are the “leading provider of alloy wheel, tires, and automotive accessory brands” in its home country Australia. Here, they’re the same company behind tire brands Roadwing, Kaizen, Deestone, and of course MOMO Tires Italy with 200+ dealers nationwide and hubs in Manila, Cebu, and Davao.

“We are thrilled to bring to the Philippines an exciting tire brand from MOMO Italy, which after over 50 years of leading the global automotive and motorsports market with high performance steering wheels, road wheels, and racing accessories, has launched MOMO Tires which offers a full range of products for passenger cars, vans, and SUVs,” said Fuel Autotek CFO Enzo Mastroianni.

According to their press release, the brand’s goal is to “bring premium branded tires with a competitive value price point, into the tire replacement market for the passenger car radial range.” So they brought with them a full lineup of 6 tires:

MOMO Toprun M30 | This is MOMO’s high performance run flat tire that offers excellent braking response, great traction, and reduced risk of aquaplaning in wet conditions. It’s available in 16 to 20 inch rim sizes fit for cars and SUVs.

MOMO Outrun M1 | An asymmetric tire developed for small and midsize cars, the Outrun M1 offers a comfortable ride, improved rolling resistance, and high performance levels even in wet conditions. This is suitable for cars in city driving with 13 to 15 inch sizes.

MOMO Outrun M2 | A tire designed for compact and medium sized cars, Outrun M2 delivers low fuel consumption reducing its environment impact. Available sizes are for 14 to 16 inch rims.

MOMO Outrun M3 | Another asymmetric tire for high performance and excellent driving comfort for 16 to 19 inch wheels.

MOMO A-Lusion M9 | The M9 is for high performance SUVs with excellent response on wet and dry asphalt. Features include driving precision, comfort, high cornering grip, and low tread pattern noise.

MOMO Mendex M7 | Specifically developed for light trucks, the M7 is designed to withstand heavy loads while delivering comfort and fuel economy thanks to its low rolling pattern resistance. The special compound also guarantees extended durability and further travel capacity.

MOMO Tires

MOMO Tires MOMO Tires MOMO Tires

MOMO Tires