What the new Ferrari-Maserati Service Center in Makati looks like inside

Ferrari Maserati Service Center

Tucked away in a small side street in Makati is the official Ferrari-Maserati Service Center, owned and run by the Italian brands’ official local importer Autostrada Motore Inc. It’s been there since who knows when, visited regularly by all locally-sourced Ferrari and Maserati owners for their regular servicing, and it just received a much-needed and well-deserved renovation.

The remodeling follows Ferrari and Maserati’s brand identity as well as strict guidelines when it came to equipment, workmanship, and services. It’s fully decked with 4 lifters, 2 service pits, 5 open work bays, and 2 clean rooms for assembly. All diagnostics equipment were officially issued by Ferrari and Maserati, while the technicians who work there have been trained and certified by the factory.

But the Ferrari-Maserati Service Center is not simply a workshop. The 1,000 sq. meter facility also houses a beautifully decorated customer lounge, office spaces for staff, and modern training and conference rooms where they can conduct web seminars.

“Our work doesn’t end when a client buys a car and drives out of the showroom,” said Wellington Soong, Chair and President of Autostrada. “We make sure that our clients enjoy every driving experience with different Ferrari and the Maserati model variants. The after sales and service aspects are very important and we are committed to deliver the best in service support to all of our clients.”

If you must know where it is, the newly-renovated Ferrari-Maserati Service Center is located at 3904A Quingua Street, Makati City ( near Bonifacio Global City) and this is what it looks like inside.

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