New uberXL offers more seats and more space starting this May


Ridesharing app Uber is adding a new service to its portfolio this month. And no, it’s not a short-term marketing gimmick like Uber Ice Cream. Meet uberXL, which will be permanently made available alongside uberX, uberBlack, and uberPool starting the 12th of May 2017.

As the name suggests, an uberXL is bigger than a regular uberX. It offers more seats to fit up to 6 people or more space for those who need the extra cargo capacity. This suits big groups, overpopulated families, airport runs, or trips to the grocery.

Obviously, there’s also a premium to the service. Rates are 50% higher than an uberX, but if you think about it, that’s still cheaper than booking 2 regular rides. Upfront pricing and spit fare features also apply.


According to Uber, vehicles tagged for uberXL include the likes of the Toyota Innova, Mitsubishi Adventure, Isuzu Crosswind, and Suzuki Ertiga, that for regular customers, will immediately know that these all used to be assigned as uberX’s. Well, not anymore.

uberXL will be gradually rolled out starting May 12, but should take until May 20 ’til the product reaches all of their app users.