Nissan Sucat is now Nissan’s prettiest dealership in the country

Nissan Sucat

Nissan has a new brand retail design for its dealerships worldwide. Its goal is to enhance the “Nissan customer experience” by making showrooms look prettier, feel more premium, and offer innovative services. Nissan Philippines, Inc. (NPI) is the latest to join the bandwagon with the opening of the new Nissan Sucat.

The concept is called ‘Nissan Retail Environment Design Initiative’ or NREDI 2.1 which gives all Nissan dealerships 1 visual identity. This revolves around 5 key components which include: 1) a huge red Nissan logo at the showroom entry and pylon, 2) a red “Nissan Drive” sculpture; 3) a variety of consultation areas; 4) a premium shared lounge with a bar; and 5) an exclusive delivery area where clients will receive their brand new Nissan vehicle.

“This new visual identity is intended to become more inviting to our customers and at the same time showcase Nissan cars at its most attractive and exciting way,” said Ramesh Narasimhan, NPI President and Managing Director. “It also gives our dealers a fresh, new look that projects a reinvigorated, stronger Nissan. A Nissan that promises one to rediscover excitement, whether being behind the wheel, or as a passenger in any of our refreshed fleet of vehicles.”

Occupying a total area of 781 sq. meters, Nissan Sucat is twice the size of a normal dealership and is located at 8390 Dr. A Santos Avenue, Brgy. BF Sucat in Parañaque City. It’s the first NREDI 2.1 dealership in the Philippines and according to NPI more will rise in the not so distant future.

View a quick tour of Nissan Sucat’s new showroom in the gallery below.

Nissan Sucat Nissan Sucat Nissan Sucat Nissan Sucat Nissan Sucat