Petron formulates new line of HTP oils & lubes for extreme conditions

Petron HTP

HTP, short for High Temperature Protection, is Petron Corporation’s newest line of oils and lubricants. The new formulation is said to be tailor-fit for the extreme road conditions in the Philippines which is a mix of hot weather, stop-and-go traffic, heavy loads, and long drives.

“Fight Heat. Stay Cool.” as Petron HTP’s new tagline says.

Based on their technical explanation, conventional engine oils oxidize or thicken under extreme heat. This causes deposit buildup, leading to engine performance degradation, and ultimately engine failure. And no one wants that to happen. Petron HTP is designed to ensure that your engine, transmission, brake fluid… etc stay protected even under scorching conditions.

But you know what else requires High Temperature Protection? Motorsports. We honestly believe that Petron HTP should also be marketed and used by racing drivers, teams, and events such as the Petron x FlatOut Race Series (FORS) and Petron x Philippine Endurance Challenge (PEC). * hint hint *

Petron’s High Temperature Protection (HTP) product range include engine oils, automatic transmission fluid, brake fluid, gear oil, and grease. It’s now available at Petron Car Care Centers and select Petron service stations nationwide.

Petron Blaze Racing HTP (0W40)
This is a high-premium, PAO-based fully synthetic gasoline engine oil specially formulated with high quality base oils. It contains Polyalphaolefin, which provides better oxidation and thermal resistance than mineral base oil, and an advanced additive system to meet the most severe and stringent requirements of high-performance gasoline engines.

Petron Rev-X Turbo HTP (5W-40)
Also a high-premium, PAO-based fully synthetic engine oil, it’s recommended for both naturally aspirated, turbo charged, or supercharged high performance heavy-duty diesel engines. It has performance additives which help prevent soot and piston deposits, thus maintaining superior engine cleanliness and efficiency. Petron Rev-X Turbo HTP even prolongs the life of diesel particulate filters (DPF) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).

Petron GHTP Gear Oil
This is a fully synthetic, premium grade lubricant formulated to meet the stringent requirements of automotive axles, limited slip differentials, and manual transmissions. It has excellent thermal and oxidation stability, compatible with commonly used seal materials, and has excellent water separability and air releasing ability.

Petron ATF Premium HTP
The premium-grade, high performance automatic transmission fluid is formulated to provide excellent resistance to oxidation even under high-temperature and severe operating conditions. It protects, bearings, clutch plates, seals, and other components from wear and corrosion, and its excellent foaming characteristics ensure optimum operability and longer transmission life.

Petron Grease HTP
This is a premium grade, heavy duty high-temperature grease formulated with a lithium complex thickener and high-quality base oils. It was specially developed to provide excellent oxidation characteristics and outstanding work shear stability.

Petron Brake Fluid HTP (DOT 4)
A high performance brake fluid designed for high temperature braking systems, exceeding the performance of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 116 DOT 4. It’s ideal for cars, trucks and heavy equipment requiring a DOT 4 specification.